Genome customization accessible to every lab

As the genome engineering experts, Cellectis bioresearch provides products and services that bring to your bench cells and organisms with the desired characteristics for optimal performance.

Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve exceeding success and breakthroughs in gene function, drug discovery and protein production.

The competences, talent and passion of our employees are key to Cellectis bioresearch success and value.

Our products and services are based on engineered sequence-specific nucleases (Meganucleases and TALEN™) and their enabling potential to modify the DNA sequence of a target genome with high precision.

These products and services allow the generation of stable and isogenic cell lines with characteristics and performances adapted to 3 target applications:

Engineered nucleases have been elected Nature Methods’ Method of the Year 2011 for genome engineering purposes!

Our genome customization tools enable the over-expression of transgene through targeted integration, the functional gene disruption with gene knock-out and any endogenous gene modification.

Customize genomes at will!

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