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Our mission is to provide products and services that bring to your bench cells and organisms with the desired characteristics for optimal performance.

Our cell engineering products and services enable precise modifications of DNA sequences in a target genome, whether it is a cell line, a primary or stem cell, or even a whole organism.

Genome customization

Gene knock-out and gene modification (modification of the endogenous nature of a gene: gene tagging, promoter swap, nucleotide substitution) are locus-specific modifications and therefore require the engineering of custom nucleases targeting precise sequences. Our TALEN™ are the perfect tools to achieve such genome manipulations, in combination with either homologous recombination or non homologous end-joining, and generate engineered cell lines bearing your desired characteristics.

Targeted transgene integration enables the over-expression of a transgene from one genomic position. Cellectis bioresearch focuses on providing researchers with easy- and ready-to-use cGPS® Targeted Integration kits. The nucleases provided in those kits have been specfically designed and validated to target one transcriptionally active site and therefore allow the generation of isogenic cell lines for any over-expression studies.

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