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Gene knock-out is defined as the functional disruption of a gene’s activity. The introduction of a frame shift in the start codon region of a gene avoids the production of partially functional truncated proteins and greatly ensures gene knock-out events

For gene knock-out projects, we offer the TALEN™ Sure KO Service, enabling sure gene knock-out by always targeting the first coding exon of any gene.

TALEN™ Sure KO binds its recognition site within the first coding exon, inducing a DSB at the recognition site.

This DSB is repaired by NHEJ. Due to the error-prone nature of NHEJ, a proportion of DSBs will be misrepaired by the addition and/or deletion of nucleotides. These mutations within the genomic sequence occur at the site of the DSB, resulting in the loss of gene function and therefore achieving gene knock-out.

Gene knock-out induced by TALEN™ Sure KO

DSB-induced at the TALEN™ Sure KO recognition site. NHEJ-mediated addition and/or deletion of nucleotides at the DSB site. NHEJ events leading to gene knock-out.

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