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Next generation gene editing technology for gene-specific modifications and gene knock-outs

Genome editing has now entered another exciting new era with the advent of next generation gene editing tools for gene-specific modification – the transcription activator-like effector nucleases. These came to the notice of the genome engineering community in 2011 through a series of publications in well-respected journals such as Nature Biotechnology. Transcription activator-like effector nucleases are members of the group of engineered nucleases selected by Nature Methods as “Method of the Year 2011”, and are ready to make a real difference in gene editing applications.

Cellectis bioresearch’s TALEN™ is a powerful new tool for gene knock-out and targeted modification of genomes, and has potential to open up whole new areas of research. This potential is now available on your bench through the company’s internationally acclaimed Custom TALEN™ Services, awarded the “Most Innovative New Services 2011” by Select Biosciences.


What are TAL Effector Nucleases? What are TAL Effector Nucleases?

TAL Effector Nucleases are novel classes of sequence-specific nucleases...

TALEN™ design: no limit, just talent TALEN™ design: no limit, just talent!

TALEN™ design, thanks to over fifteen years of expertise in customization...

Applications using TAL Effector Nucleases technology Applications using TAL Effector Nucleases

Recent publications on TAL Effector Nucleases provide an overview on the applications...


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