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Increase up to twice your gene knock-out efficiency

TALEN™ (Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases) are a novel class of sequence-specific nucleases, created by fusing a transcription activator-like effector DNA binding  domain to the catalytic head of an endonuclease. These nucleases allow DNA double strands breaks with very high efficiency and precision.

The TALEN™ KO Enhancer has been designed to increase TALEN™-induced mutagenesis when co-transfected with a TALEN™ plasmid. The TALEN™ KO Enhancer has an exonuclease activity that will increase TALEN™ induced mutation by a factor up to two and lead to larger deletions without increasing off-target effect.
TALEN™ KO Enhancer allows you to make multiple allelic KO in a single round of mutagenesis.

Available products

Product name Cat. No Description
TALEN™ KO Enhancer  KOEN-8982 TALEN™ KO Enhancer is distributed as a plasmid.

Achieve best results for your gene knock-out project with TALEN™ KO Enhancer in combination with TALEN™ Sure KO .
TALEN™ Sure KO binds its recognition site within the first coding exon, inducing a DNA double-strand break at the recognition site, which is repaired by error prone non homologous end-joining.
To learn more about TALEN™ Sure KO, click here.

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If you would like to benefit from our in house know-how and team of experts, let us engineer for you your cell line of choice based on TALEN™ technology.

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