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Overexpress a transgene and generate isogenic & stable cell lines

Cellectis bioresearch offers Targeted Integration (TI) services to generate stable & isogenic cell clones (monoclonal or polyclonal populations), by overexpression of a transgene of interest in your cell line of choice (including iPS cells).
Based on its proprietary and top-selling products, the cGPS® Targeted Integration (TI) kits, Cellectis bioresearch brings engineered cell lines to your bench in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Overexpress a transgene in any of the following:

  • Optimized cGPS® cell lines (CHO-K1 and HEK-293 available)
  • Human cell lines, including iPS cell lines
  • Murine cell lines

Cellectis bioresearch extends its Targeted Integration services with optimized generation of high producer, stable and isogenic cell clones by use of the cGPS® CHO-Sa CEMAX® kit.
For more details on our Bioproduction service offer, click here.


  • Precise and guaranteed Targeted Integration to obtain your desired custom cell line
  • Guaranteed stability of your cell clones without need for continuous addition of antibiotics
  • Exclusive rights to homologous recombination and proprietary nuclease technologies
  • Best return on investment in the market, with fast turnaround time (as short as 10 weeks)
  • Dedicated project support manager


See below the workflow of a typical Targeted Integration service:

Targeted Integration Service

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More interested in doing  Targeted Integration yourself?

If you do not wish to take advantage of our Targeted Integration Service, the cGPS® Targeted Integration technology is also available as ready to use kits. Please visit the cGPS® TI kits page for more information.

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