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Disrupt one or more alleles in any cell type

Cellectis bioresearch offers gene knock-out services to disrupt any gene, at any position, in any cell type (including iPS cell lines).

TALEN™-mediated gene knock-out enables the molecular disruption of one and/or more alleles of your gene of interest by taking advantages of the natural DNA repair mechanism non homologous end-joining.
If you wish to learn more about non homologous end-joining, click here.


  • Precise and guaranteed gene knock-out to obtain your desired custom cell line
  • Best return on investment in the market, with fast turnaround time
  • Dedicated project support manager


See below the workflow of a typical gene knock-out service:


Gene Knock-out Service

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More interested in doing gene knock-out yourself?

Cellectis bioresearch also offers off the shelf products to achieve successful gene knock-out in house:
- Custom TALEN™
- Off the shelf TALEN™ & related kits

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