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Modify any gene, at any position, in any cell type

Cellectis bioresearch offers gene modification services to modify any gene, at any position, in any cell type (including iPS cell lines).

  • Gene tagging: integration of a reporter gene (e.g. fluorescent protein, epitope)
  • Nucleotide substitution: molecular exchange of nucleotides
  • Gene knock-in: insertion of a sequence
  • and more!

TALEN™-mediated gene modification enables the change of the endogenous nature of one or several genes by taking advantage of the natural DNA repair mechanism homologous recombination in presence of a donor matrix bearing the custom-defined modification.
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  • Precise and guaranteed gene modification to obtain your desired custom cell line
  • Large and non-exhaustive panel of gene modifications (e.g. gene tagging, nucleotide substitution)
  • Best return on investment in the market, with fast turnaround time
  • Dedicated project support manager


See below the workflow of a typical Gene Modification Service:

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More interested in doing gene modification yourself?

Cellectis bioresearch also offers off the shelf products to achieve successful gene modification in house:
- Custom TALEN™
- Off the shelf TALEN™ & related kits

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