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From donor samples to engineered iPS cell lines

The iPS Engineering Hub™ service from Cellectis bioresearch provides you with a flexible from donor sample to engineered iPS cell lines service.
Choose from the following à la carte services or let us support you all the way through your project from donor samples to engineered iPS cell lines:

  • iPS generation: from donor material to reprogrammed iPS
    • Reprogramming of any donor cell as starting material: blood cells, fibroblasts, etc.
    • Selection of the best reprogramming technique
    • Delivery of quality controlled iPS cell lines (including mycoplasma, sterility and stemness tests)
  • iPS engineering by taking advantage of our TALEN™ technology
  • Additional custom services, including comprehensive quality controls
    • Episomal clearance
    • Virology
    • Specific banking conditions
    • And more!
For iPS engineering projects, you can either supply the iPS cells or we can provide iPS and iPS-derived cells from Cellectis bioresearch (undifferentiated hiPS, hiPS-derived cardiomyocytes and hiPS-derived hepatocytes).


  • One stop shop from donor samples to engineered iPS cell lines
  • Choice in iPS source: iPS cells provided by customer or large panel of cells available from Cellectis bioresearch
  • Precise and guaranteed Targeted Integration, gene modification or knock-out to obtain your desired custom cell line
  • Best return on investment in the market, with fast turnaround time
  • Add any quality controls to fit your internal requirements
  • Dedicated project support manager


See below the workflow of a typical iPS Engineering Hub™ service:

iPS Engineering Hub™ Service

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