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TALEN™ Solutions is a comprehensive package of solutions for all gene editing projects from Cellectis bioresearch, cell engineering expert since 1999.

TALEN™ Solutions is a unique offer that includes:

  • Custom TALEN™ Services: optimized project-specific TALEN™ to meet your individual needs for gene editing projects – select from different levels of nuclease activity validation.
    • TALEN™ Basic: your Custom TALEN™ of choice for any gene modification projects. You can tag genes, swap promoters or substitute nucleotides.
    • TALEN™ Sure KO: for highest knock-out success. Designed to introduce frame shift mutations within the first coding exon of any gene.
    • TALEN™ CpG: overcome the impact of methylated cytosine on TALEN™ activity.
    • Compact TALEN™: monomeric TALEN™ for gene editing projects in sensitive cells and for easier vectorization in viral shuttles.
    • Custom TALEN™ Project Support: a comprehensive service to optimize your gene editing project and maximize your success.
  • TALEN™ Hit software: thanks to the proprietary TALEN™ Hit software developed by the Cellectis bioinformatics expert team, TALEN™ hits are found every two to three nucleotides, providing both flexibility of design and universality of use for gene editing.
  • TALEN™ NØW: off-the-shelf validated TALEN™ for the knock-out of most common DNA sequences.

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